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       In 1996, the Internet was predominately grey with blue hyperlinks. Everyone was looking for a home on the Web. And I landed my first job at The Martin Agency, as a designer on Coca-Cola's very first website.

      I spent the next several years helping Coca-Cola and other fortune 500 companies build their brand presence in the digital space. My clients included Gerber, Saab, Marriott, Seiko, Dasani, and others. As my passion for brand building and big ideas grew, I transitioned into the Agency's creative department where I was able to work in all media - broadcast, print, digital, and more.

      Today, I'm a Vice President, Associate Creative Director at The Martin Agency where I create integrated campaigns. My clients have included Moen, Walmart, Barely There, UPS, Hanes, Newseum, Pizza Hut, Expedia, and others. Over the years, my campaigns have been featured in The NewYork Times, Fast Company, WallStreet Journal, Ad Age, and others. And my work's been recognized by The One Show, NY Art Directors Club, Communication Arts, Kelly Awards, Obie Awards, Graphis, Omma Awards, WIN awards, IAB Mixx awards, Echoes, Caples, and more. My most treasured recognition, however, was from The Martin Agency in 2009, when I received the "creative excellence" Cobblestone award.

      Pablo Picasso once said, "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." I feel blessed to have done just that. I look at advertising as art, and believe that in a world cluttered with messaging, we need to attract and engage people with work that speaks to them in the most beautiful, entertaining, and thought-provoking ways. When I'm not working on advertising, I enjoy working on large canvases in acrylic. I'm a native of Richmond, Virginia and a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University's Communication Arts & Design. My husband and two children are a continual source of inspiration for me. And our French bulldogs are a constant source of entertainment.