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In spring of 2008, we launched an integrated campaign for the new Hanes No Ride-Up panties. Because "wedgies" can be a difficult subject to approach, we chose comedian, Sarah Chalke, to use her humor and grace to tell our story.

We created 2 TV spots that were directed by Sarah's co-star, Zach Braff, from the show tv show Scrubs.

Print told the story about Sarah's real wedgie experience that happened on the red carpet.

Everything drove to Wedgiefree.com where women could see more humorous content,
check out the collection and engage with the brand.

The wedgies stores section of the site share Sarah's story and allowed women to share their own.

Women could rate the level of embarrassment of the stories with the blush-o-meter.

Hundreds of wedgie stories were shared!

We also created "Wedgie-Free Wednesdays" where we would give away 500 free pairs every Wednesday.

The "Shake it out" wedgie dance got over a million views on Youtube.

The wedgie free campaign was talked about on CNBC, Rachel Ray Show, and even Ellen Degeneres!
It was even declared a "Big Idea" on the Donny Deutsch show.

It received lots of press, awards, and the sales for the wedgie free panties kicked butt too.