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BARELY THERE "No Funny Shapes Under Your Clothes" 2006-2007

In 2006, Barely There was a dying intimate apparel brand that needed to gain brand recognition among women. We created a problem/solution campaign that pointed out the fact that the ruffles, bows and lace that look so pretty on your bra may actually be creating funny shapes under your clothes, and that Barely There bras are a more seamless solution. It was a revolutionary message for the category since most bra ads focused on how great you look with your clothes "off."

The print campaign had the number one highest recall in fall fashion magazines and was a 2007 Kelly Awards winner.

We created a dimensional out-of-home board in New York City and Los Angeles that lit up when the sunset.
Each headlight was 7 feet in diameter. The OOH won a Gold Obie.

We redesigned the website, barelythere.com, to show more of their collections
and allow women to engage with the brand and have some fun.

An interactive "there" bra gave fortunes and warned women about funny shapes under their clothes.
(Click above to have your fortune told)

Online ads and bi-monthly emails continued to spread the word and drive traffic to the site.
The Online campaign won an IAB Mixx Gold for brand awareness / repositioning.
(Click to see them animate)

We created seasonal "there" bras. (Click to carve a pumpkin bra)

We even launched a viral video on myspace that warned woman of the funny shapes under their clothes.
The video won a WIN award from The Women's Images Network.

Street teams demonstrated the effects of being "there" or "barely there" at Fashion Week.

Barely There had a 15 percent increase in "Invisible Look" sales the first month and unaided brand awareness more than doubled.

The campaign grew to feature other Barely There products including shape wear, panties, push up bras and others.

The campaign received press from The New York Times, Fast Company, Ad Age and others.

The work was even featured in a text book.
The campaign lasted for more than 5 years and was able to accomodate multiple collections season after season.