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THE KITCHEN - The Martin Agency's creative intern program

For the summer of 2015, we hired 7 creative prodigies to work with us for 12 weeks as the 3rd session of The Kitchen, The Martin Agency's creative intern program. We hired 2 art directors, 1 designer, 1 writer, 1 cultural strategist, 1 project manager/producer, and 1 film maker/ animator. All 7 of them are artists.

Our goal for the Kitchen was for them to gain real experience working on real projects, and for all of us to create some amazing work together and learn from each other. The clients included a few non-profits, a museum, a craft beer brand, and a new business prospect.


We wanted the agency to meet the interns so we had a party and asked the students to individually create something that represented them to be on display as a conversation starter. They quickly realized that there are 7 of them and letters in KITCHEN so they divided the letters and created an installation.


RVA Makerfest is an annual event in Richmond, VA that brings together local innovators, hobbyists and professional makers with hands-on demonstrations in science, art, engineering, food, technology, crafts, and more. The Kitchen needed to help get the word out that RVA MakerFest is returning and to help design this year's brand identity.

Since Makerfest is all about how things are made, Jonathan Hirsch designed and drew this year's logo and poster art.
We captured the making of and shared it via social media to build excitement.

Next we sent the art to Studio Two-Three to burn a screen for screen-printing
and we screen-printed over 600 posters in one night.

Each print was carefully inspected for perfection, signed, numbered, and branded
as a limited edition 2015 RVA Makerfest print with a custom seal we designed.

People were able to screen-print their own posters and t-shirts at the event.

Social media spread the making of the logo, and the logo was physically brought to life by The Martin Agency lab.

The posters were such a hit that people were taking them for themselves.
The work even received some press. Considered a huge success, attendance for the event well exceeded expectations.

To give the interns some experience with film production and tight deadlines, we signed them up for the

They created this movie poster to invite people to the screening at the Byrd theater.

Their movie, "I prefer Abby", won best cinematography and best editing!

To see more of the work that we created this summer, please flip through the book below.