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MOEN "Don't you wish everything could put itself away like Reflex?"

Ever since 1937 when Moen's founder, Al Moen, invented the world's first single-handle faucet, the spirit of invention has been core to the Moen brand. So when Moen asked us to tell people about their most recent invention, Reflex, we wanted to do more than a typical ad campaign. We wanted to inspire other would-be inventors out there.

For TV, we imagined other things that we wished could put themselves away.

And asked the simple question, don't you wish everything could put itself away like Reflex?

The responses came pouring in.

So we commissioned some inventors to create some real-life inventions that could put themselves away like Reflex.

A father of three invented a self-retracting sippy cup.

Two tech guys solved the abandoned shopping cart problem.

A Georgia Tech engineering student invented a toy picker upper.

And a dodgeball enthusiast made clean up after games a bit easier.

The documentaries ran as social media content and fueled more responses to Moen.

Next, we collaborated with Traditional Home Magazine and SCAD to create some more inventions that would be ideal in the home.

9 students from SCAD researched, concepted and developed prototypes for 3 more inventions that could put themselves away.

The spirit of invention and the word about Moen's new technology, Reflex, spread with share rates at 3 times the industry average.

The campaign picked up some press and awards too.